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  • Avoiding Email Blacklists

    There are many legitimate reasons for sending bulk email. For example, regular or ad-hoc newsletters to your customers, product, company or sales information that former customers would like to know about, or related partner communications....read more

  • Email Bounce Error Types and Definitions

    After sending an email, you receive a bounce message, indicating that the message was not delivered to the intended recipient. There can be many reasons for this, so we will cover the most common reasons in this article....read more

  • What are Honeypots and Spamtraps?

    If we start out by discussing real honeypots, we think you'll quickly understand the meaning of honeypots through a couple of analogies. Remember reading or watching Winnie The Pooh? This was a story about the escapades of a bear that loved honey.... read more

  • Whitelists vs. Blacklists

    We defined whitelists and blacklists in a previous article, but let's dig into them a little bit. Starting from a user perspective, whatever email client you have, you probably have the ability to create whitelists and blacklists.... read more

  • How do I get off an email or IP blacklist?

    So, you've experienced the great frustration of finding your email rejected by one or more customers due to some blacklisting organization. Assuming that you've already read our article on "basic information about blacklists," here's what you need to do.... read more

  • What is Backscatter?

    In order to understand what backscatter is, you first need to understand email bounces - also called delivery status notifications (DSN) or non-delivery reports (NDR). A bounced email is an email that was returned by the recipient's email server, with an error message.... read more

  • Why is my email bouncing?

    First, let's define what we mean when we say an email has "bounced": an email that was sent was never received in the recipient's inbox, and an error message was returned to the sender by the mail service (or mail server) at the recipient's location..... read more

  • What is "Reverse DNS", and Why Should I Care?

    Let's start with the"why should I care" part. Many email servers on the Internet will check the sending server of all email received, and if that server does not have"reverse DNS" set up properly, the email will be refused! So you could be sending legitimate email .... read more

  • What is Email Relaying and Why Does it Cause Blacklisting?

    First off, when we talk about "bad" email relaying, we are generally talking about what is called "open email relaying." This already begins to describe the problem, doesn't it? An open email relay is an SMTP.... read more

  • Email that Disappears

    We recently learned of a problem affecting more and more email users - not just bulk email users, but all users! Once again, the problem is attributable to... er, improvements in spam prevention and filtering. Here's what's happening.... read more

  • Understanding Spam Filtering...

    Whether you are a customer of bulk email, someone who is receiving too much spam, or a legitimate bulk mail sender who's mail is getting blocked by mistake, you'll want to understand how email is blocked. For this discussion,.... read more

  • Is Hotmail Blocking Your Newsletter?

    If your target market includes Hotmail customers, especially Millenials or the Internet generation, then take heed: When you set up a Hotmail account, by default the junk email Filter is set to "Enhanced." This setting blocks most spam from getting to your Inbox.... read more

  • Who are the Major Blacklisting Organizations?

    Ok, you asked for it! Here's the list of players in alphabetical order. We've bolded the ones that our contacts report to be the major blacklisting organizations in use today.... read more

  • Been accused of spamming? Maybe your email was spoofed.

    So someone accused you of sending them spam, and it's an email that you didn't even send? Here's how that can happen .Spoofing is the term used for people pretending to be someone else when they send email.... read more

  • How to Check Email Headers for Spoofing

    First, you need to display the full message header... read more

  • Email Blacklist Terminology

    Email Blacklist:A list of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses or domains that are perceived to be sources of email spam (unsolicted commercial email).Blacklist Monitoring:The use of a software application to automatically monitor .... read more

  • How has the email industry changed?

    Sending email used to be easy. In the past, even legitimate bulk email could be sent without problems. Today, if you are sending bulk email, you should consider using double-opt-in customer lists. This is where the .... read more

  • Blacklist Types

    There are two primary types of blacklists, local blacklists and third-party or distributed blacklists. Local blacklists are maintained by a specific organization or site, and are generally updated manually when an administrator feels that a particular sending domain, .... read more

  • Is your email blacklisted?

    Enter your website's IP address in the box below and click on "lookup" to use our email blacklist tool to check.... read more

  • Some basic information about email blacklists...

    When you send email, you are sending data over and to private networks. The owners of the networks have the right to restrict what can and can't go through their network. In other words, you are a "guest" of their network..... read more

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

    SPF (in this context) stands for Sender Policy Framework. It is an authentication scheme intended to prevent address spoofing... read more